Why we use aluminum alloy material and What alloy is used for the pull ring of the can?

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Our common canned drinks include Coca-Cola, Sprite, And all kinds of Beer, etc. They all use aluminum alloy materials. What are the advantages of using aluminum alloy materials?Here,Let New Aluminum Tech Co Ltd explain it briefly .

The advantages of aluminum cans
There will be a kind of oxide film on the appearance of aluminum ,just AL2O3 ,which make the aluminum will not oxidation in high temperature.the appearance of aluminum cans also have this oxide film ,even if it is equipped with liquid(liquid can form a solution of aluminum and Oxygen speed the oxidation reaction ),also will not rust as the iron .
The Pull rings of Cans are made of 5182 aluminum
At the same time the relative density of aluminum alloy is smaller, with the volume of aluminum mass than iron to be much smaller, the hand can, of course, is the more portable the better, we take more convenient;Aluminum alloy is easy to recycle and environmental protection.
The aluminum is high plasticity, with different metal easily converted into other alloys, aluminum hardness, plasticity, and even memory has a very big enhancement, aluminum cans have a good memory, holding in his hand is generally not deformation, most food packaging aluminum tin alloy, because of easy processing, off also convenient, high plasticity, Aluminum can be said to be extremely versatile a material
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Zhejiang New Aluminum Technology Co Ltd takes the advanced technology and produce the high quality of aluminum coil and sheet of 3004 ,5052 ,5083 for the can and pull ring of cans ,the thickness from 0.1 mm to 0.35 mm ,the max width is 1850 mm. As the perfect quality and competitive price ,Our aluminum coils for the cans have export to Poland ,Germany ,Italy ,France ,Turkey and get very good reputation
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