Total export volume of Zhejiang New Aluminum Technology CO Ltd in 2020.

It is tough time for every one in 2020 as the Covid-19 ,some people have lost their family ,job ,even life .Good luck ,we are here and health

Thank to our professional production & sell team, thanks to the support of the regular clients and the trust of new clients ,We hit the new export record in the past 2020 in such hard time .

According to the the financial statements,we produced 128300 tons and sell 123000 tons to all over the world ,including the all kinds of aluminum coil ,sheet ,foil and circle .

There is more than 40% is aluminum coil and 20% is aluminum sheet .Although the Covid-19 is so serious in USA ,but the demand of color prepaid aluminum coil is still rise in USA and Africa .That is the new record
For other countries ,the demand of aluminum foil for the household and food packing also risen compare last year ,maybe as the effect of the covid-19 ,most of food need to take away or good packing by the aluminum foil

We really hope the Covid -19 can be wipe out asap and we can come to visit our customers as usual every year ,face to face ,talk and hug and laugh ,but not on line .

We will still produce the high quality of aluminum and try our best to give the best price to all of our customers,no matter little or huge quantity ,just if we can .We want to establish long and happy relations on the mutual benefit .
Of course ,if there any problem or mistake of us ,just point it out ,So we can improve it and grow up with your help and support .

Profession makes perfect ,let us do more together in 2021

Post time:Jan-09-2021

Post time: 01-09-2021
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