The Application of pattern aluminium sheet

The Pattern Aluminum Sheet is one of our leading products ,there are many patterns as big 5 bars ,small 5 bars ,diamond .....,it is also called checker aluminum sheet or Chequered aluminum shee and also we can make mirror surface for that ! 


So there are many application for that as follows :

The first kind: common aluminium alloy pattern board

Ordinary aluminium alloy pattern plate is processed by using 1060 series aluminium plate as basic material. From the price point of view, among the three, it is the cheapest and the most widely used pattern aluminium sheet. Basically, this kind of pattern aluminium sheet is not suitable for special environment. We now commonly use this kind of common aluminum alloy pattern board for outer packaging.

The second kind: Aluminum-manganese alloy pattern board

The aluminium content of Aluminum-Mg alloy pattern board is further deepened, which is made of 3003 series aluminium plate as the most basic material. This kind of pattern aluminium sheet has a characteristic, that is, it can prevent rust, so it is generally used in places that need to prevent rust, such as freight car compartments, cold storage floor and so on.

Third: Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy Patterned Sheet

The aluminium content of aluminium-magnesium alloy pattern sheet is the highest. Generally, the pattern aluminium sheet is processed with 5000 series aluminium sheet as the basic material. This kind of pattern aluminium plate is not only very strong in hardness and can withstand gravity, but also takes into account the dual functions of anti-rust and anti-corrosion. It is usually used in such a particularly humid place as a ship.

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