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The hydrophilic foil has a layer coating material, which has the performance of high corrosion resistance. It can be used in a variety of heat exchange constructions where the basic function is to efficiently transfer heat. Also this fin foil can be used for evaporator and condenser in most residential, automotive, and commercial air conditioning units and in humidifiers and other equipment. We can produce the hydrophilic with blue and gold color

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We produce the Fin Stock aluminum foil from the ingot to aluminum coil by the Achenbach Foil Rolling Mill from Germany and Kampf Foil Slitter. The max width is 1800 mm and the Min thickness is 0.006 mm .
With the advanced technology ,we can produce all kinds of aluminum Foil with different standards as EN and control every step of production and retrospect all the raw material source .
We are also the main supplier for the AC factories in China

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NameHydrophilic  Aluminum Foil
Alloy-temper8006-O, 8011-O, 8011 H24, 3003 H24
Total Thickness0.10  mm – 0.35mm (tolerance:±5%)
Width and tolerance200- 1500 mm (tolerance:± 1.0mm)
Hydrophilic thickness2.0~4.0 um (single side average thickness)
AdherenceErichson test (press deeply to 5mm): no peeling
Gridding test(100/100): no plunger separation
Corrosion ResistanceR.N ≥ 9.5 Salt spray test (72 hours)
Alkali ResistanceDipped in 20% NaOH in 20 ºC for 3 minutes, absolutely no blister
 Impregnant ResistanceSamples weight loss 0.5%
 Heat ResistanceUnder 200 ºC, for 5 minutes, performance and colour unchanged
Under 300 ºC, for 5 minutes, the coating film becomes a little yellow
Oil proofDip in volatile oil for 24 hours, no blisters on the coating film
Weight200 – 550kg per roll coil (or customized)
SurfaceMill finished ,Hydrophilic with Blue and Gold Color
Core materialSteel / aluminum
Core IDФ76mm, Ф150mm (±0.5mm)
PackagingFumigation free wooden cases(keep us informed if any special requests)
Tensile Strength(Mpa)> 110MPa (according to thickness)
Elongation %≥18%
WettabilityA grade
Applicationwidely used in household air conditioner, refrigerator, refrigeration equipment and vehicle air conditioner etc
Deliver timewithin 20 days after getting the original LC or 30% deposit by TT

Q1:Who are we?
Answer: We are not just Aluminum Foil manufacturer and seller,but also produce aluminum sheet,aluminum coil,aluminum circle,color coated aluminum coil and checkered aluminum sheet.

Q2:How do we provide better service?     
We focus on every detail of our products, including raw material quality control, production,package, loading, shipment and the final installation.We clear that any little flaw in our factory will lead to big problem for our customers when they get ,that is terrible waste both of us and out customer ,not only waste for the material ,time ,money ,but the trust ,which is the most important in the international business
So Say No To Any Flaw!

Q3:What is the difference of you and your competitor?
Answer : That is quite good question.
First of all ,We are definitely one of the best in the market ,I am not saying i am the best ,but one of the best.No one is perfect ,including us.we also make mistakes. How ever what really matters is how do you deal with your mistake and how can you improve next time and how can you satisfy your clients by compensation. So far our qualified products rate is nearly 99.85% ,thanks to our professional production team and technical team . We take every claim as an opportunity to review all the sections which may effect the quality .including production ,packing ,shipment and inspection. Therefore we are constantly improving this number and by the way ,we really compensate our clients in cash and so far our clients are fully satisfied with us .

Quality Guarantee
We have strictly quality control system from aluminium ingot to finish aluminium roll products, and test all products before packing,just in order to make double sure that only qualified product will be delivery to clients as we know even if little problem by us in our factory maybe lead to a big trouble for clients when they get .If customer need ,we can apply the SGS and BV inspection when producing or loading.

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