Anodized 5005 5052 5754 5083 Aluminium alloy sheet 

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Anodized 5005 5052 5754 5083 Aluminium alloy sheet are all belong to 5 series Al-Mg alloy, Mg is the main alloying element in 5052 aluminum, which enhances its corrosion resistance, so it has become the most widely used type of rust-proof aluminum. In addition,5052 aluminum sheet is also the most representative medium-strength alloy. Although it is a medium-strength alloy, its fatigue strength is high and its machinability is better than that of 1, 3 series alloys.So the 5005 5052 5754 aluminum sheet are widely used for all kinds of high precision equipment.

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New Aluminum Tech Co Ltd only produce high quality aluminum sheet  . Our 5 series  aluminum sheet with smooth and fine surface, small thickness tolerance,tolerance, good stamping and oxidation effect by SMS Rolling Mill.As the good weldability and formability, it is not difficult to find that the 3C products, car doors, door handles, high-end architectural curtain wall panels,high precision equipment etc.
We have 3 electrolytic bath /cell for all kinds of alu sheet to anodize with max width 1800 mm. 
Anodized 5005 5052 5754 5083 Aluminium plate/aluminium sheet 

1.ItemAnodized 5005 5052 5754 5083 Aluminium alloy sheet
3.Material5052, AA5052 ,5005,5754,5083
4.SpecificationsThickness0.1 mm~50 mm
Anodized thickness 5um to 25 um
Width100mm~1800 mm
LengthMax 6 M
5.SurfaceBright, polished,t, checkered, embossed, mill finished.Colored
6.Price TermFOB, CIF , CFR
7.Payment TermT/T, L/C,
8.Delivery TimeWithin 20 days after getting the 30% deposit or original LC
9.PackageExport standard package: bundled wooden box, suit for all kinds of transport, or be required.
11.Export toSingapore,Indonesia,Ukraine,Korea,Thailand, Viet Nam, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Spain, Canada, 

USA, Egypt, Iran, India, Kuwait, Dubai, Oman, Kuwait, Peru, Mexico, Iraq,Russia,Malaysia, etc.


The Features of 5 series  Aluminum Sheet  

1. Good Weldability. The addition of Cr in the 5052 5005 5754  aluminum sheet interacts with Mn, which can increase the strength between the base metal and the weld, thereby reducing the tendency of welding cracks and meeting various welding requirements.
2. Corrosion Resistance. Corrosion resistance is a typical characteristic of  5005 5052 5754  aluminum sheet. It has good corrosion resistance to the atmosphere, gasoline, food, organic acids, neutral inorganic salt solution, etc., and also has good corrosion resistance in dilute acids.
3. Good Plasticity. 5052 aluminum sheet are also a non-heat-treated alloy. Its mechanical properties are improved by cold working. And the 5005 5052 5754  aluminum sheet have good plasticity in semi-cold work hardening and low plasticity in cold work hardening.
4.Other Characteristics. In addition, the 5005 5052 5754 aluminum sheet also have a strong resistance to stress corrosion cracking, and can also be polished, anodized, etc

The application of  5 series Aluminum Sheet

The main uses of 5 series  aluminum sheet include:  Automotive aluminum alloys, High-end curtain wall panels, 3C products, Computer brackets, High-end oxide materials, Aluminum furniture, Door panels / door handles, Cans / covers, Shutters, Decoration, Trolley cases, Signs, etc.

5052 Aluminum Alloy Thick Plate Use:  Silo, Flange material, GIS shell, Yacht, Underwear mold / shoe mold, Gas cylinder, Precision machining, etc.

5052-h32 Aluminum Sheet for Automotive:  Automobile engine outer board, Bus trunk board, Bus non-slip decorative board, Automobile fuel tank , etc.

Other Usages

Besides the static load parts used in liquid or gas medium, 5052 aluminum coil can also be well applied in electrical enclosure, cold stamping parts, sheet metal products and other manufacture.

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