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Zhejiang New aluminum technology’s aluminum honeycomb panels are made of high-quality 5 series aluminum raw materials. Its surface employs the advanced technique of fluorocarbon lacquer pre-painted, which can keep the color unchanged for 20 years and its durability has been promised.

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Zhejiang New Aluminum Technology Co Ltd have more than 10 years experience for the aluminum honeycomb panel. We are the world’s leading professional manufacturer of honeycomb materials. Since it’ s established, the company has been committed to the research and development of honeycomb technology, from honeycomb core, honeycomb panel.We always insist on the roots of continuous technological innovation, and constantly upgrade and expand the application of the honeycomb materials, becoming the first choice company for solutions of honeycomb materials.

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Product Name

Aluminum honeycomb panel

Product Material

Aluminum alloy (3 series/5 series/6 series)

Applicable temperature range




Thickness tolerance




Panel Thickness

4mm8mm10mm15mm25mmMax 200mm

Skin Thickness

0.5mm0.8mm0.5mm1mm1.5mmMax 3mm


1000mm1220mm1250mm1500mmMax 2200mm


2440mm3000mm3500mm5800mmMax 10000mm


PVDFPEAnodizedMill finishedEmbossedGranite



What you need to know about aluminum honeycomb panels

Aluminum honeycomb panel is a metal structural material made of welded aluminum honeycomb as core material and aluminum panels on both sides, which are combined and brazed in a brazing furnace at a temperature field of about 600°C. All nodes between aluminum honeycomb core and aluminum honeycomb core, aluminum honeycomb core and aluminum panels are metal welded connections without adding any non-metallic materials such as adhesivesCompared with other materials of the same volume, the all-welded aluminum honeycomb panel has the advantages of lightest weight, strong rigidity and overall stability, and good sound insulation and heat insulation due to its unique structure. Recycling and recycling, saving resources and energy, honeycomb aluminum plate has become a new energy-saving and environmentally friendly material.

At present, the common aluminum honeycomb panels at home and abroad are made of adhesive structures. Their strength (rigidity), service life and allowable application environment are restricted by the performance of the adhesive, such as poor temperature resistance, aging and cracking of the adhesive, and release of toxic gases in case of fire. It is difficult to apply it on some high-end equipment, such as aerospace vehicles, rail transit vehicles, marine and deep-sea ships and other equipment. With the increasing demand for energy saving and environmental protection and the aging problem of glued aluminum honeycomb panels, the market has an urgent demand for glueless honeycomb panels.

Our company uses a new process to manufacture aluminum honeycomb panels to achieve metallurgical bonding of all metals. Its mechanical properties are not only higher than the adhesive structure of the same specification, but also completely overcome many defects of adhesive aluminum honeycomb panels.


Question 1: Who are we?          

We are based in Zhejiang, China, start from 2010 for the Aluminum Honeycomb Board on the basis of our production of Aluminum sheet and coil ,that is our new products for as except the aluminum raw material,So we have the advantage of the raw material and the cost for the source.

Question 2: How do we provide better service?   


We focus on every detail of our products, including raw material quality control, production,package, loading, shipment and the final installation.We clear that any little flaw in our factory will lead to big problem for our customers when they get ,that is terrible waste both of us and out customer ,not only waste for the material ,time ,money ,but the trust ,which is the most important in the international business


Question 3: What is the difference of you and your competitor?

Answer : That is quite good question.

First of all ,We are definitely one of the best in the market ,I am not saying i am the best ,but one of the best.No one is perfect ,including us.we also make mistakes. How ever what really matters is how do you deal with your mistake and how can you improve next time and how can you satisfy your clients by compensation. So far our qualified products rate is nearly 99.85% ,thanks to our professional production team and technical team . We take every claim as an opportunity to review all the sections which may effect the quality .including production ,packing ,shipment and inspection. Therefore we are constantly improving this number and by the way ,we really compensate our clients in cash and so far our clients are fully satisfied with us .



If you are interest in our aluminum honeycomb Panel ,Aluminum coil ,Aluminum sheet ,Aluminum circle and Aluminum foil or any doubt ,please feel free to contact us any time

It would be our honour to become your partner then develop together .

Mr Aloys

The Export Manager


Whatapp:0086 150 2440 2133


Zhejiang New Aluminium Technology Co.,Ltd

Professional Make Perfect ,Let’s Do More Together !


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