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Zhejiang New Aluminium Technology Co.,Ltd.

The profession makes the perfect ,let us do more together !

Zhejiang New Aluminum Technology Co.,Ltd was established under the guidance of government to implement the national strategy of “One Belt and One Road” going out when all world was in the economic crisis in 2008 .We are a scale aluminum production and export enterprise with market and customer demand as our orientation; High quality ,technological innovation and service as our purpose and committed to creating excellent Chinese brand.Our headquarters is in Hangzhou ,with the cooperation with louyang government ,we jointly hold three aluminium factories in Henan Province. The company name New Aluminium origins from the most advanced processing technology for the aluminum production in the world .

We have import two sets of 6-high CVC cold rolling mills from SMS Siemag ,Germany; two sets of rolling grinding machines from Hercules ,Germany ;three sets of 2150 foil rolling mill from Achenbach ,Germany ;one set of 2050 mm 6-high cold rolling mill and two sets of tension leveling & cleaning lines from FATA Hunter ,Itlay ;one sent of edge trimming & slitting line from Danieli , Itlay and one set of Auto Packing Line from Posco ,South Korea .

We also have the high speed coating line for the color coated aluminum coil and pushing machine for the aluminum circle as well as custom -made machines by computer for all kinds of aluminum products

We adopt the most advanced processing technology for the aluminum in the world and obtain the certificates of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 since 2012 . We have the full abilities to guarantee the aluminum products quality under your requirements

Thanks to our professional production team , technical team and seal team ,We have export our product more than 30 countries , so far our clients are fully satisfied with us .


We are not the best and biggest ,but we are the most professional and sincere ,let us do more together!

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