5754 Aluminum Sheet

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The 5754 aluminum sheet is a non-heat treated Al-Mg alloy and is also an antirust aluminum sheet. 5754 aluminum properties show excellent corrosion resistance, good welding, and good machining formability. Most notably, anodizing and other surface treatments of 5754 aluminum alloy have obvious effects, making it widely used in automobile/ship components, tank, billboard, building decoration and other aspects of the strength, welding, surface treatment have all high requirements

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New Aluminum Tech Co Ltd only produce high quality aluminum Sheet . Our 5754 aluminum Sheet with smooth and fine surface, small thickness tolerance,tolerance, good stamping and oxidation effect by SMS Rolling Mill. 5754 aluminum alloys with different heat treatment conditions are widely used in high-speed railway noise barriers, tank car tanks, high-grade alloy doors and windows, car roof/bottom guards, ship structures and offshore facilities, etc., becoming a very popular product in the aluminum market!

5754 Aluminium plate/aluminium sheet 

1.Item5754Aluminum plate/ Aluminum sheet
3.Material5754, AA5754
4.SpecificationsThickness0.2 mm~100 mm
Width100mm~1850 mm
Length2m,3m,5.8m,6m,or as required
5.SurfaceBright, polished,t, checkered, embossed, mill finished.Prepainted
6.Price TermFOB, CIF , CFR
7.Payment TermT/T, L/C,
8.Delivery TimeWithin 20 days after getting the 30% deposit or original LC
9.PackageExport standard package: bundled wooden box, suit for all kinds of transport, or be required.
11.Export toSingapore,Indonesia,Ukraine,Korea,Thailand, Viet Nam, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Spain, Canada, USA, Egypt, Iran, India, Kuwait, Dubai, Oman, Kuwait, Peru, Mexico, Iraq,Russia,Malaysia, etc.


The Features of 5754 Aluminum Sheet
1. Good Processability. 5754 aluminum sheet with hardness moderate, easy to bend molding, and eay to be punched continuously at high speed.
2. Excellent Corrosion Resistance and Weather Resistance. The anodized surface of the 5754 aluminum sheet not corrode, rust or oxidize, and it can be exposed to sunlight for long periods without discoloration.
3. Outstanding Surface Treatment Effect. 5754 aluminum sheet has excellent surface coating performance, can be processed into a variety of different textures, such as brush coating, sandblasting, grinding, polishing and other highly satisfactory results.

The application of 5754 Aluminum Sheet
For Sound Barriers
5754 aluminum alloy is one of the two main sound barrier materials for railway/high-speed/subway and other transportation roads. 5754 aluminum coil sheet for sound barriers has good corrosion resistance and weather resistance, no low temperature brittleness, obvious sound insulation effect, durable and so on!

5754 Aluminum Sheet for Gas Station
The most important point is that the anodized 5754 aluminum sheet for gas station roof will not burn at the high temperature of 600℃, and will not produce toxic gas, fire prevention, and environmental protection. In addition, 5754 aluminum alloy with excellent corrosion and weather resistance, light texture, easy to process and shape, and easy to disassemble, is used for gas station roof production of the appropriate choice!


Other Usages
In addition, 5754 aluminum Sheet can also be used for Automotive aluminum, tank, Welded structures, storage tanks, pressure vessels, ship structures and offshore installations, transportation tanks, and applications where excellent processing performance, excellent corrosion resistance, high fatigue strength, high weldability, and moderate static strength are required. Used in high-speed railway noise barriers, tank materials, alloy doors and windows, aluminum for construction, aluminum for transportation, aluminum for automobiles and other fields.

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