1100 ,1050 ,1060 Aluminum Plain Sheet

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1100 1050 1060 Aluminum Plain Sheet belongs to 1000 series aluminum alloy and commercially pure wrought family, which has excellent ductility, plasticity, corrosion resistance, and high electrical and thermal conductivity than other alloy series. So it is scale application in the field of industrial manufacturing.

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1100 1050 1060 Aluminum Plain Sheet show excellent ductility, plasticity, corrosion resistance, and high electrical and thermal conductivity. In addition, 1 series alloy is also a non-heat treatment alloy with low strength, but can accept contact welding and gas welding.The most important is that the technology is quite mature and cheaper than other series , the highly economical aluminum sheet is very suitable for large-scale application in the field of industrial manufacturing

New Aluminum Tech Co Ltd only produce high quality aluminum Products  .
Our sheet with smooth and fine surface, small thickness tolerance,, good stamping and oxidation effect by SMS Rolling Mill.In order to protect the aluminum surface ,we can cover the PVC film or Paper on the sheet,So all our aluminum  products are guaranteed!
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1100 1050 1060 Aluminum Plain Sheet

1.Item  1100 1050 1060 Aluminum Plain Sheet
4.SpecificationsThickness 0.2mm~200mm
Width 100mm~1850 mm
Length2m,3m,5.8m,6m,or as required
6.SurfaceBright, polished,t, checkered, embossed, mill finished.Prepainted
7.Price TermFOB, CIF , CFR
8.Payment TermT/T, L/C,
9.Delivery TimeWithin 20 days after getting the 30% deposit or original LC
10.PackageExport standard package: bundled wooden box, suit for all kinds of transport, or be required.
12.Export toSingapore,Indonesia,Ukraine,Korea,Thailand, Viet Nam, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Spain, Canada, USA, Egypt, Iran, India, Kuwait, Dubai, Oman, Kuwait, Peru, Mexico, Iraq,Russia,Malaysia, etc.

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The Features of  Prime Aluminum Sheet 1100 1050 1060:

1. Prime Aluminum Sheet 1100 1050 1060 , which belongs to pure aluminum series, have high ductility and reflectivity.

2.Prime Aluminum Sheet 1100 1050 1060 is a non-heat treatment alloy, which is enhanced by cold working, and has excellent cold workability, solderability and weldability.

3. Compared with metals with higher alloy content, Prime Aluminum Sheet 1100 1050 1060 mechanical strength is lower, so 1050 aluminum alloy is well suitable for chemical and electrolytic brightening but not in casting.

The application of  Prime Aluminum Sheet 1100 1050 1060

Generally, Prime Aluminum Sheet 1100 1050 1060 is commonly used in some conditions requiring high corrosion resistance and formability, but low strength.

Among them, 1050 1060  aluminum alloy for industrial aluminum, is typically used for the manufacture of containers for the chemical industry.

In addition, 1050 1060 aluminum Sheet can also be used for lithium battery soft connection, pole lug material, explosion proof valve, PS plate base, CTP plate, sign, pallet, lamps, reflection plate, heat dissipation plate, insulation materials, etc.
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