Mirror Surface Aluminum Coil

Mirror Surface Aluminum Coil is produced by mechanical polishing.


Zhejiang New Aluminium Technology Co.,Ltd.

We have import two sets of 6-high CVC cold rolling mills from SMS Siemag ,Germany; two sets of rolling grinding machines from Hercules ,Germany ;three sets of 2150 foil rolling mill from Achenbach ,Germany ;one set of 2050 mm 6-high cold rolling mill and two sets of tension leveling & cleaning lines from FATA Hunter ,Itlay ;one sent of edge trimming & slitting line from Danieli , Itlay and one set of Auto Packing Line from Posco ,South Korea .


About Us

Zhejiang New Aluminum Technology Co.,Ltd was established under the guidance of government to implement the national strategy of “The Belt and The Road” going out when all world was in the economic crisis in 2008 .We are a scale aluminum production and export enterprise with market and customer demand as our orientation.

In order to open up the upstream and downstream industrial chain and diversified development ,we acquired a cookware and roofing machine factories in 2021

So we also produce all kinds of aluminum cookware , we have the advantage for the aluminum material price , also for the quality.Our aluminum cookware have export to Mid East and Europe with good reputable .

High quality ,technological innovation and service as our purpose and committed to creating excellent Chinese brand.Our headquarters is in Hangzhou ,with the cooperation with louyang government ,we jointly hold three aluminium factories in Henan Province.



  • Successful in Euro Building Exhibition

    It is a resounding success for us to attend the BUMDA 2024 Building Material Exhibition in Poznań before our Chinese New Year .

  • BUDMA 2024 BUILIDNG MATERIAL EXHIBITION" in Poznań POLAND in 30th,Jan -2nd ,Feb 2024 ,BOOTH: 3G-6

    Zhejiang New Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known aluminum factory with a high reputation in China.

  • The Exhibition on September 13th to 16th, 2023 in Cambodia

    As one of the main Aluminum Col Manufacturers in China, Zheilang New Aluminum Technology Co Ltd is a famous and excellence brandin China and abroad. We have supply the main bear and other can drinks factories and also export to Europe and Middle East and otherAsia cou...

  • The exhibition on 31st May -2th June 2023 in Warsaw Ptak Poland

    As one of the main Aluminum Coil Manufacturers in China,Zhejiang New Aluminum Technology Co Ltd is a famous and excellence brand in China and abroad. We have supply the main bear and other can drinks factories and also export to Europe and Middle East and other Asia cou...

  • China’s aluminium output in Jan-Feb’23 rises by 7.5%, the highest since 2015

    The data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) revealed that the primary aluminium output in China, the world's largest aluminium producer, increased to 6.74 million tonnes in January-February 2023 from 6.33 million tonnes in Jan-Feb 2022. Ac...

  • The exhibition on 1st Jun -4th Jun 2023 in Messe Essen Germany

    Zhejiang New Aluminum Technology Co Ltd is based on new material technology for the production and sales of aluminum processing industry and it is one of the famous battery aluminum foil manufacturers in China. We are a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research, devel...

  • The analysis for the Aluminum ingot price in this week(2023.2.20-2023.2.24)

    A :bullish factors: 1. According to Zhejiang New Aluminum Technology Co Ltd ‘s Consulting, Yunnan aluminum enterprises received an official document notice over the weekend, except for an aluminum plant in Wenshan, the overall reproduction ratio is not less than 20%, whi...

  • The WTO has ruled against US steel and aluminum tariffs

    Report from Zhejiang New Aluminum Technology Co ltd Geneva On December 9, local time, the World Trade Organization (WTO) panel issued a report on the WTO Dispute Case DS544 against the US steel and aluminum Tariff measures 232 (DS544), ruling that the relevant measures of the US violate WTO rul...

  • The 5 series Aluminum coil and sheet

    5 series aluminum coil and 5 series Aluminum sheet are typical Al-Mg anti-rust alloy, which is famous for its extremely high fatigue strength, excellent formability and weldability, 5052 5005 ,5083 Aluminum coil are mainly used for static load parts working in liquid or ...

  • The Reason for the aluminum price risen in Dec 2022

    As we can see ,the aluminum ingot price has risen much since Dec,not only for the LME ,but also for the SHEF ,Accordingly ,the All aluminium sheets, foil, aluminium coil and aluminium circle sell price risen at the same time . On Monday, December 5, both LME aluminiu...

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